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The Downfall of Tiktok

What once used to be a funny and slightly okay, maybe not slightly cringy app where people can express themselves is now an online store. While scrolling aimlessly through TikTok might not be the best for our brains, it lets us relax by seeing funny relatable things. But now almost every video is promoting an item on the Tik Tok Shop. From fake Stanley Cups to half percent off deals for a Chamoy Pickle Kit, TikTok has lost its “funny” value and is pushing people to watch Instagram reels. 

Many people, even famous Tiktokers, are tired of the app and seeing the same content over and over again. Since Tik Tok Shop has become a thing, it seems that once one product goes half off then everyone in the world needs to buy it. Almost every video that has the “Sponsored” tag underneath, people skip, and skipping every other two videos dilutes the mindless scroll. 

Even the reason TikTok is as popular as it is left. Universal Music Group, almost all of TikTok trending sounds were removed on January 31st. Millions of TikToks were muted and people were stuck using copyright-free music. ( People made videos asking for the return of the Musically star Flight House to bring back the sped-up version of music. The main reason UMG has removed their music is because TikTok isn’t paying them adequately. In their letter addressing the removal they stated,  “Today, as an indication of how little TikTok compensates artists and songwriters, despite its massive and growing user base, rapidly rising advertising revenue and increasing reliance on music-based content, TikTok accounts for only about 1% of our total revenue.” (  TikTok being cheap might have cost them more than they know. Without music what even is TikTok? 

Longing for a new app, people thought Threads would be the next X (Twitter) since Elon Musk was changing so many attributes about X after taking over, but Threads only lasted for a week. With nothing new coming along people have resorted to Instagram Reels. Before Tik Tok had massive issues, people would make fun of you for watching Reels over Tik Tok but now,  almost half of East students prefer Reels over Tik Tok. We all hate and make fun of Reels because they’re kind of ridiculous and just reuploaded TikToks but somehow funnier. Being able to see if your friends or someone you forgot you were following on Instagram has liked something cringy brings another funnier factor making people enjoy the stupidness of Reels. 

People always joke that TikTok will be done in a year or actually get banned but with these recent changes, it might become a reality. I believe we should just bring back Musically. No drama, no “people are stealing my content”, and no copyright issues, just people lip-syncing and moving their phones to the beat and having a nice time. 

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