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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: "Endgame"?

Attention all Swifties and football fanatics: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are officially dating. The crossover event of what some may say the century, is finally happening. Even with Taylor’s worldwide fanbase and Kelce’s outstanding career, both have gained a much larger audience. The stereotypical football fan (a middle-aged man) and Swift fan (a teenage girl), are beginning to look past their respective communities and find fulfillment in a new one.

Forbes writer Brad Adgate details how there has been a 400 percent increase in Kelce’s jersey sales, placing him in the top five players in the NFL. He has also gained at least 383,000 new followers on his Instagram account and an increase in Chiefs ticket sales.

Additionally, as of October 2, Kelce’s podcast New Heights is ranked first on Apple’s charts.

Similarly, Taylor Swifts “Welcome to New York” has been recently used in an NFL ad starring Travis Kelce. As the chorus echoes Kelce stares longingly up to the stands (inferably, the VIP box where Swift has been seen multiple times with his mother). Additionally, her music and documentary Miss Americana have alluded to her incessant need for advocacy. Seems she's determined to give voice to young women and serve as an admirable icon. Considering how many daughters are now choosing to watch Sunday football with their dads, Swift's relationship is only furthering her mission to create empowered women. Even as a “girlfriend,” Swift has proven her impact and influence on Americans.

Senior Fiona Holland notes how she “loved how Taylor Swift jumped up and down after Travis Kelce scored a touchdown—it was adorable. It makes me more interested in Chiefs games, even though I am not a Chiefs fan.” Swift’s “halo effect” has even boosted Kelce from bad boy to husband material. His questionable past of cheating scandals and dating 50 women at once (seen on TV in Catching Kelce) have seemed to dissipate in the glow of Swift. Although some fans are rooting for a breakup (in hopes of catchy break up songs), the majority seem to be rooting for Swift and her newfound beau.

The couple was more recently spotted after an evening together in New York City, walking out of a Saturday Night Live after party. That night, SNL humored America with a skit about how football has turned into a pop-culture phenomenon—many are focused on Swift instead of the game. The skit starred Kenan Thompson and Pete Davidson, resulting in an uproar of laughter and heightened status of the already famous couple.

On a different note, senior Leah Goodman tells The Spotlight that she “doesn’t believe they will last, especially with all of the publicity on them.” But let’s face it, the odd pairing has so far proven to be nothing but positive. Here’s hoping for a prosperous future marriage—or at least a hit breakup single from Swift. Either way, the combined fan bases will be reactive.

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