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Senior Confessions

As Seniors head into their fourth year of high school, they realize that Senior year is not just fun and games. There are countless tests, homework assignments, and classes ahead of them- not to mention college applications.” It seems like I'm always behind on something” Senior Sofia Savedra confesses. “I enjoy being out of school more than being in school and it's hard to make myself go home and do homework.” Saavedra is not alone. Seniors tend to forget that the Common App is not their only responsibility. They also have to deal with the classes they signed up for last spring. As we begin our fifth week of school and with college deadlines coming up, Seniors' stress levels are at an all-time high.

So how are Seniors coping with anxiety? Some students have found healthy ways to deal with their stress…while others have not. Saavedra explains that her coping strategy is developing a serious Starbucks addiction. “I get a chai and I switch up what I put in it right now it's pumpkin, in the winter it will be peppermint, and in the spring: vanilla.” One has to wonder how much money Sofia spends per week on Starbucks, and her answer:'' around 20 dollars a week”. Anna Boyle on the other hand copes with her anxiety in another way. “ I do yoga once a week at Carla Madison. It helps to center me.” When asked what her favorite part of the yoga class was she responded saying “ I like the meditation at the end.” Seniors are faced with extreme pressure. “It feels like there is not enough time in the day” Ashylne Barringer complains. Seniors are often trying to balance a bulk load of work at once. Classes, athletics, work, college, family, and countless other activities can lead a senior to feel overworked and overwhelmed.

Hazel Harp has developed her strategy of keeping herself grounded “I create digital planners on Google Sheets so I don't get overwhelmed, it keeps track of all my deadlines.” She believes that by following her planner she can get herself through the year. “As long as I follow my deadlines I will be fine, '' she says. Nathan Taylor recommends “staying focused in class and clearing up any questions with teachers at school so you can use time outside of school to finish college apps.” It seems that the best way to get through the year is to use your time wisely and keep yourself organized. However, that is easier said than done.

Some of the seniors have had a harder time than others getting through the year. Amelia Birner confesses that she has been staying up until two in the morning to finish all her homework and common applications. As stress and homework trek upward, sleep is her last priority. A student who would prefer not to be named confesses that they “have been smoking weed daily and it's been great.” Whatever helps I suppose. Other seniors like Tatum Blaksley are less confident in handling senior year. “I'm not going to get through the year.”

While it can feel as if you are the only one struggling, it's helpful to remember that all seniors are in the same situation. We are all trying to make it through the year. So as we look towards graduation, remember that while stressful, Senior year will come to an end so we must make the best of it.

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