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Senior Athletes Committed to Colleges

With a prestigious athletics department, Denver East remains a popular topic of discussion. Throughout History, Denver East has called home 110 state championship teams, all of which were led by outstanding student athletes. Following their tenure as an Angel, many East athletes have looked to continue both their academic and athletic careers at the next level, taking their talents to a vast array of colleges around the country. The graduating class of 2024 is no exception; many Angels are taking their game to the next level as they look to start the next chapter of their lives.

Of the many East Athletic programs, the soccer program has seen tremendous success. The girls program, who has defended its DPS title and makes its push into playoffs, coincides with the boys program who have made two consecutive trips to the state championship, taking home a win in the 2022 season. This year, the soccer program sees four players reach the college level, including standout Jamuna Williams. Reflecting on her time at East, Williams says that East has prepared her for the college level by teaching her “to let go of stress and just have fun.” Williams will be attending Washington State University in the fall, where she is “looking forward to new experiences, new people, and learning the way of being a college athlete.” Despite leaving family, friends, and teammates behind, Jamuna is “excited for this new chapter with bigger responsibilities and opportunities.” 

This year, the East Girls lacrosse team is proud to have called their captain Vivian Leuthold. Leuthold has been a part of the Angels Lacrosse program for the last two years and has been an exemplary role model both on and off the field. Having recently reached 100 goals for the Angels, it is no surprise that she has committed to play lacrosse at the University of Southern California this fall. Despite her limited time at East, Vivian acknowledges how much she has learned as an Angel. “East lacrosse and field hockey have both prepared me for the time commitment college athletics is going to take, and how to continually show up for you my teammates,” Vivian explains. As for her future, Vivian is looking forward to “competing at the next level” and the opportunity to “learn under some of the best coaches in the country.” While Vivian will be dearly missed here at East, everyone is certainly excited to see how her next chapter will unfold in L.A.

Led by coach Ruempolhamer, the football team concluded a very impressive season with a 75 percent win rate, reaching the second round of playoffs following a decisive victory over Mullen. Senior Captain Landen Holloway has greatly contributed to the recent success of the Angels. During his senior season, Holloway racked up a total of 177 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 interceptions, and 3 touchdowns, all of which helped East in one of their most successful seasons in recent years. Landen has decided to stay in Colorado and represent Colorado State University Pueblo which competes in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference. 

Also graduating this year will be Mia Henninger, who represented the Angles dive team. Mia reflected on her time at East, recounting how the “dive team instilled important values in me on how to be a successful and productive athlete”. Mia, who will be continuing her academic and athletic career at the University of Missouri is looking forward to “bonding with a new group of people for the next 4 years” and “growing with them as athletes and adults”. While Mia certainly leaves behind quite the legacy as an Angel, she will certainly shine on the grand stage of the SEC come this time next year.

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