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Music Highlights of 2022

Music has grown up alongside us. From the queen of pop Madonna in the 90s, to the crown being taken by Taylor Swift, music grows and changes each year. 2022 was full of artists' comebacks like Adele along with new artists like Noah Kahan taking the spotlight. Hundreds of artists and bands walked into the music studios this year ready to leave their mark.

I chose the top twelve of the biggest albums of 2022 and let my fellow angels choose their top 5 favorites. Here are the ones that left their mark the most…

1. Midnights- Taylor Swift

Midnights quickly took the highest record of Spotify streams in one day when it hit 186 million streams. The next day every tiktok was a song from the album and you could not escape it. Anti-Heros lyrics about self-hatred and criticism left a mark after the first listen and hit the number-one song on the album.

2. Stick Season- Noah Kahan

2022 was Noah Kahan's best year yet. Noah Kahan started his career a lot earlier than people would expect but the album that finally made his dreams come true was Stick Season. Noah wrote stick season about his hometown in Vermont and little did he know the song would hit home to over 60 million people and it would be one of the top songs in 2022. Sometimes the unexpected is the best.

3. Harrys House- Harry Styles

Harry's House was a little bit more expected to come out. On May 20th the artist dropped his third album in his solo career. Unfortunately, this album did not pass his past album Fine Line but even if the album was not as strong as his others, excitement still flooded the world.

4. Gemini Rights- Steve Lacy

As a newer artists, Steve Lacy has definitely shown the world what he is capable of. From his Apollo XXI album released in 2019 to his most recent album Gemini Rights, Steve has only been going up in his career. It seems that each album gives his audience a little bit more. His unique and funky voice finally got the attention it deserved this year.

5. Brightside- The Lumineers

Although The Lumineers have many great albums Brightside has definitely left its mark. People believe that this has to be their greatest musical achievement so far. Even though they started as a smaller band that formed in Denver they have become one of the worlds favorite bands. Tickets for their recent tour sold out in thirty-seconds and left every crowd in tears. This is definitely a band hard to dislike.

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