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East Golf's New Success

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

This year, the East golf team is having a breakout season with the new talent and the upperclassmen guiding the way for the freshman. They are currently ranked 13th in the state and 1st in the DPS region. They have won four league matches, and they are sending two kids to state to compete for east, Elijah a 9th grader, and Oliver a 12th grader.

East Head Coach, Mr. Hornecker, was asked about the new freshman on his new team; he said, "we had five freshmen make the varsity team this year, which is super impressive, and actually, we had 16 freshman tryouts those were kind of some high numbers Elijah J., Alex K., Keegan H., Mason M. and Rama N. who are all five freshmen that are very very talented."

Mr. Hornecker has been coaching at East for 14 years, the school needed a girl's golf coach, and they knew he played college golf, so they asked him to interview for the position. The program has never changed; it's the same coaching method. The only thing that has changed is the introduction of the 6 a.m. practices before school for varsity. Practice consists of some players playing nine holes and others hitting the driving range, but it is hard to get all 9 in when you have school in 2 hours, so they roughly get around seven holes.

The highest ranked freshmen on the team are Elijah and Alex; Alex is homeschooled but competes as an East athlete. Recently, in the last DPS invite, the team won. Alex was 1st with a score of 78 at Kennedy golf course. Mr. Hornecker sent Elijah, the other freshman, to compete at regionals. Elijah qualified for state alongside Oliver, with Elijah shooting 75 to qualify for state.

Since the start of the 2022 golf season, East has been looking very good with the freshman phenoms and the help of the upperclassmen. With states coming up they hope to perform well, and to show what the East golf team has become. After this season, while they will lose some upperclassmen, they have a very bright future for the years to come.

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