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Buffs Lackluster Start

CU Boulder Football has a history of excellence, talent, and winning. 716-520 is a phenomenal overall record from the past 130 years they have played football at the school. With that being headlined by their national championship win in 1990. Since 2000 they have had six years of a winning record which is horrible. 13 million dollars of revenue and reaching over 5.6 million fans each year would make you think the Football team would be good. We can't say they are good though CU is ranked the third-worst football team in the entire FBS, according to Ralphie Report.Com. states the Buffs have been outscored 87-229, averaging 14.5 points and less than 300 yards per game. At the same time, opponents average 38.17 points and almost 500 yards per game on them. CU Boulders leading passer this year is true freshman Owen McCowen with 600 passing yards, two touchdown passes, two interceptions, and a Qbr of 110. Owen has shown great potential and poise for a true freshman quarterback, but potential doesn't translate to wins for the buffs. With limited arm strength and overall not a tremendous amount of confidence in him from the coaching staff, they haven't been able to rely on him. That didn't help when they just fired their head coach Karl Dorell and bought him out for 8.7 million dollars having the assistant coach Mike Sanford Jr. come in as interim head coach.

One problem the Buffs have been having is recruitment. They are ranked 53 in this year's 2022 recruiting class, which has been a recurring theme. CU\

is bringing in zero five or four-star recruits which isn't an issue for some schools, but it is for the buffs. This is because they don't have the staff to mold these players into the stars they can be. Schools like Tulane, Illinois, and others are ranked top 25 without having any notable recruits. What's the problem, then? We can chalk that up to coaching in the Karl Dorell era; the school went 8-15 while overhauling the entire Buffs coaching staff because they were so bad. It's really pathetic to look at what CU has and the fans who show out every game but they just can't put it together. They did end up getting a courageous win over Cal with fans storming the field after the first victory over the season. Rick George a CU Buff student and fan has this to say about the start of the season. ¨We have not come close to meeting expectations for this season and it's very disappointing to watch them play¨. As Rick stated it's hard to watch the buffs because we just want them to be good.

The Buffs have no potential for the rest of this year. They need to get their minds right for next season and try to improve. Luckily with a new coaching staff coming in and some new recruits next year, there is only up from here for the CU Buffs.

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