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Best House Plants for Lazy Plant Parents

How many cute little succulents have you wasted money on because it seems like your green thumb isn’t so green? If you’re the kind of person that likes pretty, low maintenance, natural decor then this is a good read for you! Indoor plants don’t just look pretty in the window, plants turn CO2 into oxygen improving the air quality in the space. As well as induce positive changes in the brain’s electrical activity, muscle tension, and heart activity, according to The Green Hub. Fun fact, you talk positively around plants, they grow healthier and happier!

10- The Palms (Raphis + Areca)

This indoor plant is good for the low maintenance people out there. This tropical plant derived from Madagascar, grows quite easily in low-light conditions, and doesn’t require natural sunlight! You can pop this miniature tree on your work desk, kitchen countertops, or even a dark nook that could use some color and the plant will happily grow!

9- The Lipstick Algonema

This is a foliage plant from the Araceae family that adds volume, texture, and a pop of color into any space. Despite being a foliage plant, this is a more slow-growing plant. Keeping this beautiful, leafy plant alive is as simple as just keeping the soil consistently moist. Meaning, you’ll only need to pay some attention to it every few days!

8- The Snake Plant

The Snake Plant from Western Africa, is named after its long, slender, and deep green leaves, the Snake Plant really doesn’t require sunlight at all. It can survive a bit of neglect on your part while still thriving like it had all your attention. If you don’t have a balcony or live in a place with little natural light, maybe the SnakePlant is a good alternative for you to bring a lovely piece of nature into your home.

7- Spider Plants

If you’d like to give a little to get a little, then this kill-proof plant is the one for you! As long as the sprawling plant is kept healthy by regularly watering it and kept in a pot accommodating to the size of the plant itself, it will give back to you by improving the air quality in the space!

6- Bamboo

As versatile as it gets when it comes to indoor plants, the Bamboo plant from Asia, can grow in virtually any environment: water, soil, low light conditions, dry climates etc. This aesthetically pleasing little species has no demands of you, it’s extremely easy to grow and take care of while also bringing you an abundance of luck!

5- Aloe

The plant that keeps on giving! Another species of plant where if you give it what it needs, it’ll soothe you in your most irritable moments. These gorgeous, pine like plants can be grown in an array of environments like subtropical regions and your window sill. They also look good potted with other plants! When an Aloe plant is healthy, you can utilize its pulp to help ease the irritation of sunburn, and minor insect bites.

4- Norfolk Island Pine

Does the idea of your own miniature Evergreen Forest intrigue you? Then a small collection of these pine plants are just the selection for you! Discovered on an uninhabited island close to Australia, these plants will slowly grow into small trees with moistened soil. Want a unique Christmas tree? Hang origami, homemade ornaments, and popcorn chains on them to decorate your home-grown, unique, Christmas Tree!

3- Christmas Cactus

Grown in the coastal mountains of South-Eastern Brazil, these beautiful, seasonal cacti are a perfect alternative for someone looking to bring some color into their home during the cloudy, winter months. The bright pink of the petals contrasts nicely with the bright white of the snow or the gloomy grayness of the clouds. You can almost forget about watering them. Christmas Cacti are happiest in dry soil making it one of the best plants for us who pay no mind to taking care of plants, but want a touch of scenic greenery.

2- The Pancake Plant

The Pancake Plant is named for its rounded leaves protruding off of long, skinny stems. The Pancake Plant, coming from the Urticaceae plant family, can help to add a modern touch into any room! In Chinese culture, these plants are considered lucky and are thought to give prosperity and wealth to the owner! These plants can survive in a range of room temperatures and climates while only needing to be watered every couple of days! This low-maintenance, flowy plant is perfect for a sunny room that’s in need of some character.

1- The ZZ Plant

A classic for the lazy plant parents out there! This plant from Kenya, only requires water every few weeks, and can survive in any sunlight conditions. If you would like to put up some pretty decor and be able to forget about it, then the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia plant is the perfect pick for you! This species can add a relaxed aesthetic to your space that can help add an easy-going feel. Growing anywhere from 2 to 4 feet high, this is a great way to bring some life into any space!

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