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Top 10 Songs of Fall: According to East Students

1. All Too Well - Taylor Swift

Everyone loves Taylor Swift, especially her song “All Too Well” which was THE favorite song by far of students who responded to my poll. Taylor has released multiple versions of this song including newer releases, “All Too Well Taylor’s Version” and “All Too Well 10 Minute Version” which are only two of four versions of this song. Originally released in 2012 on Taylor’s “Red” album, “All Too Well” has been a hit song continuing to evolve even in 2022. It’s no wonder that this song is beloved by so many.

2. Bad Habit - Steve Lacy

“Bad Habit” was released by Steve Lacy in 2022 and it has been a definite hit since people first heard it. Steve Lacy has gained recognition by many listeners because of previously released songs like “N Side” and “Static,” so it's no wonder that “Bad Habit” gained substantial popularity that has carried into the 2022 Fall season. Due to trends created on social media platforms like Tik Tok, “Bad Habit” has only continued to grow in popularity.

3. Stick Season - Noah Kahan

“Stick Season” by Noah Kahan amassed large amounts of popularity from Tik Tok. The significance of the title, “Stick Season,” has to do with the literal stick season in Vermont which is when the leaves have fallen from all the trees but no snow has fallen yet which leaves sticks, or bare trees, between Fall and Winter seasons. Newly released in 2022, Kahan’s brand new single has seemingly been the most popular song in his career.

4. Redbone - Childish Gambino

One of Childish Gambino’s many successful songs, “Redbone,” was released in 2016 on his album “Awaken, My Love” which has reached over one billion streams in six years. Listening to “Redbone” especially brings tranquility and comfort on a lazy Fall evening - so it's no wonder that this song is favored amongst East students. Whether you are relaxing at home, driving to school, or doing homework, “Redbone” is a great pick.

5. Thriller - Michael Jackson

A classic. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson brings definite Halloween energy to the Fall season. Released in 1982, this song has had continuous success and is currently the world’s best-selling album. With over 70 million copies sold worldwide, it's no figure that the “Thriller” music video was also a ginormous hit at over eight hundred million views since its release in 1983. The fact that it is still loved by many East students today shows how the popularity of “Thriller” never truly went away.

6. The Hills - The Weeknd

Released in 2015, The Weeknd’s single, “The Hills,” has remained popular among East students even in 2022. The Weekend recently stopped in Denver and performed at Empower Field for his tour, “After Hours Til Dawn,” in August where he included “The Hills” on his setlist. It's no surprise that the pop and R&B artist has had success and upward trends in “The Hills.”

7. Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood

It’s all in the title! Released in 2013, the alternative indie pop song “Sweater Weather” seems to be a fan favorite during the Fall season. Today, “Sweater Weather” has been circulating on Tik Tok because of a new dance created that correlates with the chorus of the song. American rock band, The Neighbourhood, definitely achieved a Fall feeling with their number one song, “Sweater Weather,” in a way other than the title.

8. Dark Red - Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy again? - his popularity seems to be high among students at East High School. Released in 2017 as a single, “Dark Red” began to gain higher popularity because of Tik Tok videos in August of 2021 which led into the Fall season. The soul and R&B singer has continued to achieve more and more as his new album in 2022, “Gemini Rights” has climbed the charts and inevitably, had success in the Fall season.

9. Bound 2 - Kanye West

Is East Bound 2 loving Kanye’s music? The 2013 release of “Bound 2” is currently Kanye’s #1 streamed song on Spotify. Again, Tik Tok trends have only contributed to this success by creating new “sounds” revolving around lyrics that have been altered to a high-pitched sound level. The rapper’s songs are listened to no matter the season - this song especially is among East students’ favorites.

10. Eventually - Tame Impala

“Eventually” by Tame Impala is the type of song that you blast on the way to school in the cold Fall months. “Currents,” the album of “Eventually,” was released in 2015 and stands as Tame Impala’s most popular album. Even though it has been seven years since the release of “Eventually,” the results of the fall song poll have spoken and the popularity remains strong among students at East.

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