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The Walk-Out

On Thursday morning, the day after hearing the news of classmate Luis Garcia’s passing, hundreds of east students gathered in silence around a memorial made of flowers in front of the building on the ‘E’. They stood for almost an hour in silence, and then the following morning, those same students made sure that they were heard loud and clear as they made their way down to the capitol.

On Friday the 3rd, a student lead walkout meant to advocate for legislation against gun violence, began bright and early here in front of East’s campus and ended 2 miles west on the steps of the capitol. The event began with speakers, which consisted of fellow classmates, administration, and words from Luis’s teammates on the boy’s soccer team. Not long after the speeches ended, the crowd started to make their way down 16th on foot, with picket signs in hand. News coverage showed a sea of red as hundreds of students, teachers, parents, and other community members marched closer to their destination.

Once finally at the capital, even more students were given the opportunity to grab the mic and shed light on the heartbreak they’ve felt over recent events. Some students were even able to make it inside the building and sit in on conversations about the issue at hand. With emotion and power, students spoke up on the injustice students and teachers alike continue to face every day in our schools, and how the time has come for change.

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