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The Beauty of East

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Many contemporary schools in Colorado are built with similar architecture, but none of them are as unique and beautiful as East High School. East was built in 1925, it has one of a kind features unlike any other school. The iconic green clock and the burgundy red bricks almost give a sense of home. Along with the antique wooden windows that give a majestic feel. The bright red “E” imprinted in front lets everyone know that it's East High School, the red “E” where everyone meets their friends is an iconic piece. Inside the main stairs greet everyone with its welcoming steps. The doors of the auditorium are not too far behind carefully crafted to have the letter “E'' be the center. The auditorium, big and glamorous with a seat for everyone. The surrounding walls, covered in a mint green paint. It’s almost like being at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. As students walk through the hallways rushing to classes, the walls are sometimes filled with student artwork. Meaningful artwork that isn’t just decor, but allows students ideas to freely be expressed. Students have the freedom to speak their minds and hearts. The dance room is filled with music and joy, the light wooden floors hold the feet of all the dancers, and the light green walls see the dance creations come to life.

The school still has many original and historic treasures that can take people to another place and time, like the paintings on the library walls of Marco Polo and the statues outside.

East has a culture that values education. East is proud to have high graduation rates and courses that prepare for college. There is always a sincere willingness from teachers to help students who are struggling with grades. Whether it's academics or life, people in the East community are always lending a hand to help those who are in need. The East community help each other both inside and outside of the classroom. The Angel packs and the winter clothing drive are a few to highlight. Inclusion and diversity are key elements that make East a gem. Despite the older architecture, elements of East’s culture are not antiquated, instead they are state of the art. Students can make their voices heard and advocate for what they believe in at East. Students find their identity and liberty of being themselves. Everyone is different and unique and East High School values that about everyone. Acceptance is another meaningful quality that the students here share with each other. Almost everyone has a place where they belong at this school, and although we are all different, we come together in times of sadness and need.

Overall, East High School has many beautiful qualities spanning from the location of the school to the architecture of the school and the culture among the students of this school. East is an example of how all schools should aspire to be. It is the true example of peace, unity and inclusion.

“When you walk into East, both teachers and students feel that learning happens and everyone is valued” - Mr. Hudson

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