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Say Hello To Your New Head Angels

As the 2022-2023 school year draws to an end, we wave goodbye to Sammy and Hadley, our graduating head angels, and look to the future. Student Council elections took place on April 27th Head Angel positions were announced the following day. As the loudspeaker crackled to life, Noah Vong, Junior Vice President, was glued to his seat. When his name was announced, he stated, “All the emotions were released, relieved, happy, confused.” His fellow head Lily Bujanda, Junior President, explained that “her heart dropped.” She adds that she has wanted this opportunity for so long and that when she heard the loudspeaker, it was truly liberating.

Before we get into their plans for next year, let's meet our Head Angels. Noah Vong is the leader of APSA and has been a vital part of the Student Council since freshman year. He is known for his wide assortment of bucket hats and his love for green. Lily Bujanda is a Poms dancer and part of LSU. Both love the East community and can not wait to give the East Community, specifically the class of 2024, a fantastic upcoming year.

What are the plans for next year?

As our new Head Angels Lily and Noah have many plans for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.

Lilly Bujanda explains she wants to “turn the year around after a hard year we have had, as well as go all out for pep rallies and dances.” As a dedicated part of the student council for the past three years, she has watched the last Head Angels' successes and failures and believes she can follow in their footsteps to make a difference within the school. She says that “Sammy and Hadley really inspired me going into next year.”

Noah's goals include “Making the 2024 school year good and improving safety at East.” Noah is an approachable person who is edited to work hard and represent East High School. The future heads plan to make Pep rallies and dances exciting for East Students.

How are you going to increase morale at East after the difficult year we have had?

After this school year, many in our East Community fear they are no longer safe within the East building. When asked about addressing safety concerns within our school, Vong said, “Tragedy has brought us closer together; it will build our spirit and unity.” Noah plans to build a connection with the SROS and stay in touch with the school board. He believes that as a school, we will recover and show why East truly is the best high school in Denver. Lily Bujanda wants to “rebuild the foundation that East stands for '' she believes the first step is keeping the safety policy “consistent” Bujanda spoke on how pep rallies and school dances will rebuild the morale in East High School.

Are you excited to work with your fellow Head Angel?

Both of the head angles are ecstatic to work with one another. Lily says, "Noah and I have wanted to be heads ever since being elected next year.” Noah adds that “Lily and I are really close. She is president, and I'm vice president, and we are strong leaders, and we both really care about the community.'' Each is thrilled that they get to work together as representatives of the East community. I personally am excited to see what they do next year and what change they will bring to East High School.

What is your favorite song?

It is no surprise that our head angels have an excellent musical taste. Lily Bujanda says her favorite song is “Hasta Cuando” by Kali Uchis, whereas Noah's tastes steer more to the music of “ I thought you want to dance” by Tyler the Creator. Talk to them at any time if you want to exchange songs!

Our new Head Angles are excited for next year and cannot wait to support the student body and make changes at East. Lily Bujanda says, “We are that angel nation, and next year is going to be amazing for all of us!”

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