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New Head Angels Spotlight

Head Angels are a sacred tradition at East; every year students elect someone who will lead the school for the next year. All candidates must make a video and write a speech about how they will make East better in the following year. The candidates then make a presentation to every grade to encourage students to vote. The videos that candidates make are designed to show the creative side of the person and demonstrate their dedication to the role. Head Angels have many roles to play as members of the student council. Some responsibilities include saying the announcements every day, planning school dances, planning pep rallies, and more. 

Next Year’s Head Angels are Ali Sitteseri and Darius McGregor. Here is what they have to say about being the new head angels. 

Ali Sitteseri: 

How was the process of getting elected? 

“While the election process was challenging as anyone could imagine, it was made easier through the dedication I have put into my classes, clubs, and the relationships I have made with my teachers because I knew I had support. I also had a lot of fun running with all of the other candidates.”

What are your plans as Head Angel for  East next year?

“Next year, I plan on working with Darius to strengthen our school spirit and build stronger relationships with the student body, and with the teachers. With that, I want to work on communication within our school so that all groups, no matter how big or small, are recognized. There are so many wonderful clubs at East that I believe are often overlooked. I want to make sure everyone is getting the acknowledgment they deserve. This also ties into keeping up the school spirit. While our sports are amazing, I would also love to shine more light on other groups.”

How did being in STUCO in previous years impact your decision to run? 

“Being in student council, I have seen a deeper look at how East runs. From my time working on student council and seeing what the current head angels do, I felt confident that I could contribute to East’s community and assume the position of head angel, and all the responsibilities that come with it.”

What challenges do you expect to come up next year? 

“Something that I believe will remain challenging is student and admin relationships. I plan on creating a safe environment where students feel comfortable speaking to administration about school and other things. I want students to feel comfortable seeking help at East without fear or consequences.” 

Darius McGreggor:

How was the process of getting elected? 

“The process of being elected head was exciting and challenging. It required me going around, introducing myself to people, and getting 200 signatures. There was also a written questionnaire, an interview portion, and teacher evaluations.”

What are your plans as Head Angel for East next year?

“My plans for being head angel at East next year are to make sure that East has the best year possible. I hope to continue building upon the work done by previous head angels and ensure East is as inclusive an environment as possible.” 

How did being in STUCO in previous years impact your decision to run?

“I have been on student council for the past 2 years, and observing the significant impact that head angels have in advocating for the student body, as well as their responsibilities in planning events, reinforced my decision to pursue this role.” 

What challenges do you expect to come up next year?

“Ideally, I hope to encounter very few challenges in the next school year. However, whatever may arise, I look forward to problem-solving and addressing any issues that may occur.”

History of Head Angels at East:

As many of you may know, head angel used to be called head boy and head girl until a few years ago when a non-binary person got elected; so East changed it to be more inclusive. 

The tradition started in 1910 at Old East in downtown Denver (20th and Stout). Thanks to Mr. Fulford, The Spotlight got access to a yearbook from 1910. On the page about the very first head boy and head girl, this is what it read: 

“Head Boy and Head Girl are to set an example for the rest of the school. and must have all the qualities that make the right kind of men and women. and the right kind of citizens: they must do good class work; they must stand for honesty in school and in school work; they must take an active interest in athletics; and they must be popular among their fellow students.” 

A lot goes into being a head angel whether it be the high-stress election or busy schedules. Luckily East is in good hands with the determined students who take pride in their roles as head Angels. The 2025 class is in luck with head angels Darius McGregor and Ali Sitteseri.

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