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How to Fund Your Summer ‘24: Tips for Looking for a Summer Job

We all know how difficult it can be to juggle being a full-time student with working a part-time job, but as the school year ends and our schedules free up…it might be time to start pursuing potential job opportunities! A season full of last-minute trips, favorite concerts, and a new summer wardrobe requires at least a little bit of funding, so what’s the best way to guarantee a steady cash flow?

Though the process may feel daunting, it’s important to remember that it has been done before. Whether it be friends, siblings, or classmates; plenty of teenagers are hired and working for the summer. Many East students stay local and work at small businesses and establishments within the community (Syrup, Lik’s, The Botanic Gardens, etc.), while others join chain corporations scattered across the city (Target, AMC, True Food, etc). Senior Skye Vacanti, who’s been working at the same restaurant since last August, recommends finding and utilizing the connections you have. She found her current job through a classmate and close friend, which made the application/hiring process much less intimidating. She explains how “knowing that the job might be a good fit through people who have insider knowledge is also very helpful.” 

Though the already employed students seem to have their ducks in a row, it’s important to hear from students who are currently on the lookout and know the job-hunting scene. According to a recent poll of the East student body, roughly 83 percent of students are on the hunt for a summer job, so you’re not alone. 

Senior Zoe Burke has recently started the application process and she describes it as fairly easy, considering that she’s been eyeing potential places she’d like to work over the past couple of months. Her biggest tip is to “use the places you already know and love as inspiration for where you might like to apply.” This might include restaurants, gift shops, clothing stores, cafes and more.  

On the other hand, Senior Sophie Stearman notes that it can be difficult to start the application process “if you don’t have prior experience with making a resume or finding references.” Her biggest piece of advice would be to create a resume that you’re able to resume from one application to the next, instead of manually filling forms out each time. An easily accessible resource to utilize for this while school’s still in session is the East High School counseling office! There are plenty of staff members who are willing to aid and assist in perfecting and cleaning up potential resumes. 

The overall consensus is that applying for jobs can be a very tedious and testing process, especially considering that there's no guarantee that you’re safe from rejection. It’s important to persevere through potential frustration and not lose hope. With these resources, the summer job hunt should feel slightly less intimidating, but even so, remember that there are jobs to be found and the value of working during your summer vacation.  

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