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The Future of the 2021-22 NBA Season

The 2021-22 NBA season is set to be full of excitement, and with fans back this year's competition . With great amounts of skill stretching across the Western and Eastern Conferences, plenty of talented teams have something to prove. Whether it’s teams with young talent looking to prove themselves in the NBA, or superteams chasing rings, everybody has something they’re looking to accomplish.

We are currently just a few games into the long 82 game road ahead of us, but there have already been lots of surprises as well as teams exceeding expectations. I am surprised with the Lakers slow start so far, They seem to be having chemistry issues as a team, the communication offensively and defensively seems lackluster, and in their game vs the Phoenix Suns, two Lakers players (Center Dwight Howard and Forward Anthony Davis) got in a scuffle during a huddle. The Lakers are still projected to be a playoff team, but they will need to rely on leaders such as Lebron James to step up for them to move forward as a team.

On the other hand organizations are giving their fans reasons to smile. The Chicago Bulls made huge changes to their roster since the start of last season, and so far these changes are looking good. The Bulls are starting their season 6-1 for the first time since 2012. In the Bulls second game of the season they beat the New Orleans Pelicans, and guard Lonzo Ball had a great game with 17 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists against his former team. The Bulls picked up Ball in the offseason, along with guard Alex Caruso and 4-time all star forward Demar Derozan. So far I think it's safe to say, this new Bulls squad is looking like an Eastern-Conference finals caliber team.

Looking over all 30 NBA teams, every fan has at least something they’re excited to see about their team this year. There are high hopes for young stars with lots of potential, a new trio that looks promising, or just an overall eagerness for watching basketball again. The 75th NBA season is looking like a roller coaster of joy and heartbreak, and the fans are here for the ride.

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