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Sasha Silverman is Her Own World

We sat down with our food at Honey Hill café on Friday, September 3rd. It’s the perfect kind of day for our tastes - temperate, and heavy with the anticipation of rain. I am with Sasha Silverman - a name that rolls off the tongue. Sasha is a junior at East High school. She loves button down shirts, especially those of the Hawaiian design, and always gets into my car with her shoelaces untied. She speaks with a comfortingly relaxed cadence and is a great person to go thrifting with. She likes mangos, SZA, and the color green. Sasha is an artist, a visionary, and quite funny.

As I get things set up at our table and take a second to press the recording button, a hesitant pause ensues. We both start to laugh. How could we not? In front of me sits my friend, carpool buddy, and confidant. Most of the conversations we’ve had have been casual, and now I’m interviewing her for the paper. The contrast is humorous. But, her story is worth telling, so I break through the discomfort and ask the first question.

Brianna: “Would you tell me a little bit about why you like art?”

Sasha: “I don’t know why I like art. I guess I kind of do because my grandma was really into it when I was little? I just thought it was so cool. And then, I had no interest in actually doing art until seventh grade, and I just taught myself how to draw.”

Brianna: “What sparked that?”

Sasha: “I couldn’t tell you. I would just doodle in class. It kinda just happened, and I just said “I like art!”

Brianna: “There are infinite ways with which to express yourself. What sets art apart for you?”

Sasha: “You don't have to think about it that much, honestly. With writing, you have to be good at it for it to take you somewhere. With art, you can just draw a doodle of something and say, “this represents this.” Even if it's not true, you can still call it deep. It can mean many different things.”

Sasha has a remarkable way of taking things for what they are, and enjoying them for the sake of it. Her worldview is very intrinsic. Ask Sasha why she likes something, and her answer will be profound in its simplicity: “Why do you like chai?” “Because it’s good.” “Why do you like the rain?” “Because of the way it smells afterwards.” “Why do you like button up shirts?” “Because they look good.” “Why do you like art?” “Because it's cool.” While others may sabotage themselves in complicating connotations and the need to rationalize, Sasha avoids diluting enjoyment. She feels no need to explain herself. She likes things because she does, and we all have something to learn from her self assured opinions. Her art is also something to be impressed by as Sasha creates everywhere she goes. That’s what I asked about next.

Brianna: “Before I knew you, I saw the mural of paintings you did on your bedroom wall on your Instagram. Would you tell me the story of how that happened?”

Sasha: “Honestly, I just thought my wall was boring, and said “You know what? I'm gonna paint stuff on it.” I had no idea what I was going to do. As time went along, ideas came to me that I thought would be cool. There was no main sketch, just a bunch of little things put together.”

Brianna: “Do you have a favorite part of the wall?”

Sasha: “Probably the big monster. His name is Lawrence. I drew him because I was taking Draw and Paint 3 last year, and I was doodling in class, and I suddenly created the monster guy on a piece of paper. He was holding a little cartoon version of me, and I thought it would look really cool on my wall. At first I was gonna do it in black and white, but then Jacob (Sasha’s sibling) said I should do it in color, so I did it in color. I have a love for horror, that’s where Big Lawrence came from.”

The best art comes from artists that let their environment speak to them, and Sasha is the perfect example. She went into this piece with no concept of what it would become, and the result is a lesson to trust yourself and let the moment paint itself. Sasha also demonstrates that inspiration often means asking other people questions, and learning from the world around us. Most impressively, she is incredibly detailed. When I asked her why she liked drawing and painting more than other art mediums, she replied saying: “it’s the attention that it requires.” Two dimensional images require intricacy to look real. “When you’re drawing something on a flat piece of paper, you have to think about the colors and shading,” she said.

Art and music share edges for Sasha. She says she can feel the emotion of any song she listens to, making her a She always has an airpod in one ear, splitting her between reality and a metaphysical world of her own creation. Many of the remarkable things about her are rooted in this world - one of outstanding creativity, intrinsic enjoyment, philosophical truths, and an overall uniqueness. Learning about it is an enlightening experience, and I believe that our world would be a better place if we built it in her liking.

Sasha Silverman’s mind is a stream of colors, and she has a lot to teach us. I asked her if she had any parting words for our readers. She said,

“Stay cool and be fresh.”

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