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Let's Mess With Texas: Texas Abortion Ban

Imagine your friend, daughter, mom, or sister was raped by a man. Would you expect her to let go of her future and raise that baby, or would you let her make her own decision that was right for her and her body? I hope you said you would let her decide what was suitable for her and her body because that is what I believe as a 16-year-old woman. Even with 50.3% of the population in Texas being Women, Texas has a law made by men deciding what they should and should not do with their bodies.

On September 1st, 2021, Texas put a law into effect that a woman could not have an abortion after six weeks of being pregnant and could possibly be fined 10,000 dollars if she was to have an abortion. In a recently published article in the New York Times, Dr. Sarah Horvath said, "Unless a woman is actively trying to get pregnant, she is unlikely to know that she is pregnant at six weeks." Do you think every six weeks we should take pregnancy tests? I don't find that fair. To stop this from becoming a law, women have preached to the Texas governor and legislator for the last month.

If a 12-year-old girl was raped, would she have to keep the baby and raise it? Sure, she could have help from her supportive family, but you cannot assume every woman's situation. That goes for money as well as, on average, a parent will spend 284,570 dollars on their child before their 18th birthday. Unless Republicans want to start focusing on poverty levels in America, we cannot expect every woman who gets pregnant to raise a child.

How would the 48% of Texans that are not vaccinated feel if there was suddenly a law to get vaccinated? They would be on the streets protesting freedom for their bodies. They would say things like "my body, my choice" or "I should be able to make decisions for my own body." That is exactly what women are trying to prove, as well as what the people against putting the vaccine in their bodies are saying. I find that hypocritical and ironic.

I believe that if this is going to become law around the world and not just in Texas, we, as Americans, need to think of plans for different implements that will become more necessary for women who are forced to have a child, such as the foster care system, planned parenthood and also mental health institutions. Studies have shown that women who have unintended pregnancies can end up having severe anxiety and depression. If we want to prevent pregnancies, so that women do not need to worry about having an abortion; we should provide free condoms, morning-after pills, and other methods of contraception.

A rapist who is essentially one of the causes for a woman to get an abortion is not punished as severely as a woman who gets an abortion. A rapist has more freedom than a woman's body. America, what happened to freedom and justice for all?

I am scared for any woman in Texas right now. A woman's choice about her body should not be criminalized or looked down upon. Freedom seems to be forgotten in Texas. Let's mess with Texas.

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