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Judy Collins

Over the years many famous and special alumni have graduated from East High School. From Philip Bailey who was with Earth, Wind and Fire to Don Cheadle, an Oscar nominated actor. Out of all of the notable alumni my favorite has to be Judy Collins a Grammy Hall of Fame inductee. It is with deep East pride to showcase the works that our notable alumni have done.

Judy Collins is 82 years old and graduated from East in 1957 nearly 65 years ago! Collins is a country and folk music singer/songwriter. Over the years she has released many songs including her most known song “Both Sides Now,” which was popular in the 1960’s and even today. Judy Collins won a Grammy Award for this song in 1969. “Both Sides Now” captivated audiences with its message about seeing different perspectives in life. Judy Collins studied guitar here at East and sang in the school’s choir, which led her into pursuing her career in music.

Recently, Judy Collins released her 29th album of songs originally written by her. The album was released on Friday February, 25th 2022. A highly anticipated song release is “When I Was a Girl in Colorado”, which was just released. The song is very beautiful and detailed to the features of Colorado. Coloradans can relate to the song because of the lyrics that are tailored especially to Colorado. Collins does a remarkable job of sharing the wonders and uniqueness of Colorado. The song also has some abstract thoughts to it. For example, one line of the song says “When I was a girl in Colorado, Winter held me in its arms, Summers rocked me like a lover, I could never come to harm”. This is a charming line as it spotlights Colorado. Throughout the song the elegance of Colorado is displayed to the world.

Although some things have changed since Judy Collins lived in Colorado the song shows a timeless Colorado. So, even though winter in Colorado may be depressing and cold; and even though summers may be dry and blazing hot, there is still so much greatness in Colorado like the song says “Colorado makes us whole”. I encourage you all to listen to the song as it will fill you with pride for Colorado and perhaps the song will become meaningful to you as it has for me. Without a doubt, Judy Collins is a strong example of East High spirit and a Colorado success.

Photo from: Bryan Ledgard from Yorkshire, UK, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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