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Joe Rogan's Latest Controversy

Within the past couple of weeks, Joe Rogan has found himself in the heat of controversy on social media. This controversy began after many celebrities and people on the internet began calling Rogan out based on the covid misinformation that has been spread on his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience.” The Joe Rogan Experience ranks #1 worldwide in terms of the most popular podcasts on Spotify. Rogan has quickly risen to fame because of his refreshing optimism. On the podcast, Rogan brings along a separate guest each time and speaks with them about no set topic. Rogan has had a variety of celebrity guests featured on his podcast ranging from Elon Musk to Kevin Hart. Furthermore, Rogan has invited much more controversial guests onto his podcasts such as well-known right-wing blogger Alex Jones. With controversial guests comes controversial topics, and in the modern pandemic, there is not much more to talk about.

This controversy all began on January 12th of this year, when a large group of over 270 medical professionals ranging from doctors, nurses, and scientists sent an open letter to Spotify requesting if they would institute a misinformation policy. This group specifically referenced episode #1757 on the Joe Rogan Experience. This specific episode contains Dr. Robert Malone, MD. Malone is credited with the invention of all nine original mRNA vaccines, making him a worthy candidate for the topic of vaccines. In this episode, Dr. Malone and Joe Rogan talk about the need for vaccinating the youth of America. Malone suggests that if these children are fully healthy, there is no need for them to receive the vaccination. While these thoughts are optimistic and in an ideal world, sound like a great idea, scientifically it is not possible and many scientists have continually refuted this claim. While Rogan does repeatedly say that he is not a doctor and should not be fully trusted, his guest Dr. Robert Malone is a man who the public will put their trust into.

In the wake of covid misinformation controversies, another problem has found light in Joe Rogan’s world. A video compilation was created in which 12 different instances of Rogan using the n-word are documented. The video spread like wildfire on the internet and the blowback was instant and harsh. Dwayne ¨The Rock¨ Johnson, a long-time friend and partner of Rogan who reaffirmed his support for Rogan after the covid scandal, has condemned Rogan along with many others. Rogan posted a lengthy five-minute-long apology video on Instagram in which the podcaster states that this video is a compilation of many different videos from years of archives. He says that the way these videos are compiled “looks horrible even to me.¨ Many people have ridiculed Rogan stating that he is just making excuses and that he needs to fully own up to his actions Rogan states that he did not know the full meaning of the word, blames the environment around him, and says that he no longer uses this word.

Despite all of this controversy, Joe Rogan continues to put out new podcasts on Spotify that continue to attract millions of viewers. Although many people, including some high-profile celebrities, have adamantly requested the removal of Joe Rogan off of the platform, Spotify refuses to do so. Spotify has continually stated that it will not suppress the voices of the creators on its platform. In a small settlement agreement, however, both Spotify and Joe Rogan agreed to remove over 70 episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience off of Spotify. Rogan says that he is okay with the removal of these episodes and states, ¨people should not, believe me, I am no doctor.¨ Regardless of all of these conflicts, Spotify will not silence him and he will not stop conducting interviews on his podcast. Because of this, his high status will remain in the minds of his supporters.

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