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Halloween Costumes the Student Body Are Just Sick To Death of

In the spirit of Halloween, East Spotlight News decided to do a quick polling survey to ask the East student body which Halloween costumes they’re personally tired of seeing year after year. Roughly 20 popular costumes were listed in the survey, (including a “pick your own'' option)… and with a bit over nine dozen responses from the East student body, here’s the results!

The results were quite ghoulish:

#5- Harley Quinn

After the release of the 2016 hit movie ‘Suicide Squad’ there was an increased demand for the classic Harley Quinn Costume… the split dyed wig, her iconic outift, along with a prop or two. Over the past five years this particular costume idea has ceased to die out, leading to the East student body being a bit burned out.

#4- M&Ms (big group costumes)

If you’ve ever been in a large friend group around the time of Halloween, you’ve understood the inclination to organize a big group costume, but we please ask you to refrain. In spot number 4, it turns out East students are getting a bit tired of seeing five different colors of M&Ms prancing around the school every October.

#3- “The Purge” masks

For the past few years the led “purge masks” have been a classic choice for a last minute Halloween costume; they’re simple, easy, and overall boring. Don’t get me wrong, it's understandable to want to go low maintenance for this particular holiday, but it seems that this low maintenance get up is a bit tiring.

#2- Frat Boys

Now this one may not be considered a “classic halloween costume” quite yet, but recently it’s been all the rage among teenagers to dress up as what we know as stereotypical “frat boys”. This costume usually includes a backwards baseball hat, a buttoned down polo, maybe some khakis, and of course.... the classic red solo cup. Though this costume may have been considered witty and clever when it first originated, it’s charm has started to wear off.

#1- Devils and Angles

Finally, at the top of our list, the costume voted the title of most overused is the well known Devil and Angel duo. Though this may be ironic coming from East Angels, this duo is a very common one to see year after year, and according to the survey’s responses, it might be time for those considering this costume this upcoming Halloween to expand their horizons. Maybe it's time to consider hanging up the horns and wings this halloween.

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