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Field Hockey After COVID

When COVID-19 continued into the 2021 school year, many students and teachers were devastated, especially student athletes. Over the course of the year athletes were able to once again practice the sports they love, however things were just not the same as before Covid. Now entering the 2022 school year fall sports are back and better than ever, with Covid having less of an effect on their season.

After three different head coaches in four years, Claire Kavanagh, also known as coach K is fairly new to the girls field hockey program at East, but not new to field hockey. Having played field hockey in college, Coach K has become a trusted and great leader for the girls in the program, as she works to help grow the team. Alexa Mcdonald (forward) says “she takes the sport very seriously and cares a lot about our outside lifes.” The team is excited to work with Coach K during a normal season to see how the program does.

When COVID came, the field hockey was faced with challenges as they tried to still compete and have a full team. Julia Valentine, a senior on the team talks about how, “it was a very weird season, 6-weeks long” Not only was their season cut short they also had to play during the winter which resulted in them having to play in the snow, which was less enjoyable then the normal weather. However these conditions did not dampen the spirit of the team, and they continued to play through the weather and shrinking team. Another challenge for the team was losing girls due to disinterest, and the COVID season being too much.

Field hockey at east has always been a fun and great program to join in order to meet new people. Senior Lilliliana Turra, now co-captain of the team, says “I was using it as a tool to meet people in the fall of freshman year, but once I started playing I loved it and can’t imagine my high school experience without it.” Not only is the program enjoyable and fun but it is also beneficial to teach young athletes about the sport and how to play. Coach K has been working on making the East team more competitive.

Since last year, the team has become a lot stronger, gaining new players and building camaraderie around the sport. So far the girls have played five games, taking one tie, one loss and three wins. Katie Morris is a Junior on the team she says “for all of our games we have been playing very strong, we also keep improving a lot from game to game.” The team hopes to become strong enough to perform well in the playoffs, at the end of their season.

Field hockey is ecstatic to be back and is ready to take on the fierce season. Check out the East website to find out more about game schedules and to find statistics from the team check out MaxPreps. Leaving COVID-19 in the past Coach K is leading this year's field hockey team to playoffs and hopefully to a big win.

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