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Fall Fashion: Snug and Stylish

As someone who is always learning and looking at new trends, I’ve seen them come and go, but sometimes they last a lot longer than expected. 2021’s fall fashion trends are lively and encourage people to dress up, go out, and feel comfort and pleasure in style. There is nothing more exciting than the rush of looking good and feeling comfortable.

Fall fashion creates infinite opportunities for layering, especially when it comes to women’s clothing. This means several components are needed when dressing up. You have to think about fashion, but also simpler needs like keeping your body warm. It’s nice to have something that feels like a warm hug, whether it be a knitted sweater, a warm jacket, or a snug layering piece.

Last fall, it was easy to wrap ourselves in pleasantly snug PJ’s during online school. This year students are eager to show off a good sense of style. Sometimes, a successful fashion trend starts with shopping and online shopping carts. More often, outfits can be taken from other seasonal apparel and put into fall pieces that can be worn in different styles. If this method leaves you unsatisfied, try shopping for the items you can’t find in your closet. Try stores like Rue 21, Forever21, Ross, and Macy’s.

Good recommendations for layering include denim jackets, hoodies, plaid flannel shirts, cashmere cardigans, trench coats, or leather jackets. For more tropical days, wear something more along the lines of blazers, t-shirts, crop tops, skirts, leggings and thin pants. The key to a good fall outfit is the way you present a versatile piece of outerwear.

And lastly, a complex color pallet compliments features of your outfits. For example, I enjoy wearing darker colors, like dark red and caramel, because those best fit with my features. It's not just dark colors that are highly influential: bold, vibrant and matte colors also take a large chunk of influence over fall fashion.

In the end, you can never go wrong with something comfortable, whether it's going back to school or staying home. Still, all fashion trends should get you out of bed! Walk around and encourage people to dress up and go out. Use this season as a means of challenging yourself. Get out there, whatever that means for you! Because, ultimately, there is nothing more rewarding than the rush of looking good and feeling comfortable.

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