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An Introvert's Life

Life as an introvert is hard. If you are reading this then you are most likely an extrovert, if not then you’ll deeply relate to the words I’m about to say. Studies have shown that 34.5% of people in the world are introverts. Although a small percentage, they are still people that need to be understood.

All throughout my life, my shyness, and awkwardness has put me in an odd place in this society. Being timid doesn’t get you far these days.

The people that are always going out of their bubble, and enjoy being around others, are always the ones praised in society. They are always going to be the most successful people. A study in 2015 about career and progression by personality type showed that typically, extroverts occupy more managerial roles.

People like me, who hate being the center of attention, constantly fearing people’s opinions, and enjoy being alone are always going to be the ones struggling to reach success.

Most jobs where you can reach success tend to involve leadership. According to Observer, a site that shows studies around business states that 84% of high executive jobs are occupied by extroverts. Many introverts throughout the workforce are judged by the dominant extrovert force.

All my life, I’ve seen many people, including myself, struggle with this. Not wanting or being able to talk to people isn’t much of a disadvantage, but society makes it seem to be. Even though avoiding interactions seems odd, it really isn’t a disadvantage. If being alone can make an individual happy or satisfied, then they should be able to fulfill that joy by themselves.

Another thing that I have noticed is that introverted people are judged constantly when doing things they typically like doing. For example, eating alone, reading, or staying at home for most of their weekends. To people this might be a sign of loneliness, but it isn’t the case with most introverts. I’m not saying that they can't be lonely, but being alone is what being an introvert is about. But keep in mind, there are also things to consider about what makes people happy.

But the pandemic has brought lots of joy to me and other introverts. Since there was a main excuse to stay away from people. I’ve also seen how the lack of social interaction has put down many people. But for me, I’ve prospered, even through the challenges the pandemic has brought.

These are a few of the things that introverts have to go through in this judgeful society. While these examples are mostly focused on introverts’ lives in business, they can be applied to our lives outside business and formality. Hopefully, by reading this you’ve understood at least some of the ways introverts are suffering to cope with today’s society.

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